Beverly returns to India

Yoga brings ease and contentment: Beverly McCulloch lives with her husband Matt at Old Bar.
Yoga brings ease and contentment: Beverly McCulloch lives with her husband Matt at Old Bar.

INDIA is luring Beverly McCulloch back for her fifth trip in three years, this time to complete a course in yoga therapy that she has spent months studying for.

Bev, a yoga enthusiast of about 20 years, has travelled extensively and lived in many different places with husband Matt.

She grew up in the Manning but only returned last year after a family tragedy lead her home. She said although the decision was made out of sadness, it's been one of the best decisions she's made.

"We just love it, it's such a beautiful place and we just felt the time was right," Bev explained.

It was Matt who first introduced Bev to yoga after she'd been having some issues with her knees.

"I'd always been a regular exerciser and frequented the gym but I was having some knee problems and Matt suggested I try yoga," she said.

"I was instantly hooked, I knew it was something good and so I increasingly did more classes and then I thought 'I really love this', and thought I'd train to be a teacher."

Over the years Bev's passion for the practice has grown as has her knowledge, skills and understanding of the craft, which lead her to investigate yoga therapy.

Yoga has long been identified for its many health benefits but yoga therapy is fast becoming a leading alternative for an holistic approach to health, with the therapy tailored to suit the individual in a number of ways.

"It's about one-on-one sessions that specifically target the individual's needs, spiritually, emotionally and physically," Bev said.

Bev will be in India for six weeks, completing an intense training course and an internship at a school in Chenai.

Prior to her trip she has been teaching yoga at Old Bar and Taree and has been touched by the response from the local community and the support from her students.

Undoubtedly Bev's passion for yoga therapy has been driven by personal experiences and she has a strong desire to help people upon her return.

The bigger plan is to establish a permanent yoga centre in Old Bar that will be an inviting, all inclusive space for anybody to go to.

"That's what Matt and I envision, is to see a place where everyone feels welcome, that they can come and get support, training and more," she said.

"Yoga brings ease, it's not so much about the physicality but about the mind.

"For me, I've found contentment and it's enabled me to be happy being who I am, it's an amazing tool for health."

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