Sportstar: Futsal young gun

Paul Kelly from Iguana with this week s sportstar Jarvis Dennes.

Paul Kelly from Iguana with this week s sportstar Jarvis Dennes.

FUTSAL young gun Jarvis Dennes has been selected to tour in the Australian under 12s futsal side when they travel to Malaysia at the end of the year.

Jarvis will be travelling around to some of the biggest places in Malaysia, such as Samarahan, Miri (the second largest city in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia), and Kuching (the capital of Sarawak). During this time he will receive coaching from both his team officials and no doubt some Malaysian officials too. They will be playing in a futsal tournament in Kuching as well as other competitive fixtures in the listed cities.

A student from Tinonee Public, Jarvis also plays for his local football team and he plays as a defensive midfielder. He said that instead of hogging the ball and shooting at every opportunity (which is how I suggested to play, probably why I haven't been picked to tour Malaysia), Jarvis likes to play defensively and shut down the oppositions attacking plays.

He's undecided on what he'll be using his $50 Iguana voucher for, but his mother suggested he should buy something for the hot weather in Malaysia.

Good luck Jarvis, I'm sure you'll make a great ambassador for our region and our country.