Bob awarded life membership

Working for the club for 32 years: Bob Coleman is now a life member of Taree RSL and Golf Club.
Working for the club for 32 years: Bob Coleman is now a life member of Taree RSL and Golf Club.

BOB Coleman was awarded life membership of Taree RSL and Golf Club at the annual meeting in accordance with the club constitution in recognition of his efforts of the club's behalf since becoming a member and as a tribute to the results his efforts have generated.

Club Taree president, Carl Guy, outlined details of Bob's service to the club considered by the board before recommending life membership be conferred. Bob has been a member of Taree Golf Club for some 32 years before the amalgamation with Taree RSL and has been a member of the amalgamated body continuously since that time. He has also been a member of the Taree RSL sub-branch.

Mr Guy pointed out that Bob has been heavily involved in the development and sponsorship of golfing events, both for women and men for more than 30 years. He still continues to sponsor the prestigious Coleman Cup in the annual Springtime Fourball.

Bob was elected to the board of Club Taree in April 2004 before standing down six years later in 2010. Bob's strong business background and experience was highly valued by the club and board of directors during this time. He was willingly involved in many club functions, seminars, conferences, in-service training courses, trade shows and in-house activities.

Bob also served on the building committee during the construction of the new car park as well as serving for a number of years on the course development committee.

The recommendation of the board was adopted by the meeting with enthusiastic applause.

In reply Bob stated that his membership of Club Taree and Taree Golf Club was a major part of his life since his arrival in Taree so many years ago. He reflected on the many friends he has made on the golf course and in the clubhouse which have endured over those many years. The success of his business has enabled him to repay the club and its members for their loyalty and friendship through sponsorship and strong commitment to the development of the club.

He paid tribute to the support of his wife, Dawn, and his family and was deeply honoured by his life membership and the impressive plaque on the wall next to the 13th tee now commonly referred to as "Colely's Castle".

Bob's sincere, amusing and grateful remarks were received by the audience with warmth and vigour. There is little doubt that Bob and his family will continue to be an important part of Club Taree for years to come.