Public holiday plea

Mr Tony Abbott

Prime Minister,


Dear Mr Abbott

May I first congratulate you on the magnificent job you and your government have done since winning power last September. It's wonderful that the grownups are back in charge, as you succinctly noted after your emphatic election victory.

I can foresee you in power for many years and that's as it should be. Australia cannot afford to have the socialists in government again after the shambolic behaviour of the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd regimes.

Mr Prime Minister (or may I be so bold as to call you Sir Tony?) Okay, Mr Prime Minister it is then. There is one matter that I believe deserves your attention when your busy schedule allows. As our admirable treasurer, Mr Hockey, sagely observed recently, the age of entitlement is over. So true. So apt.

My Shout with Mick McDonald

My Shout with Mick McDonald

In saying that I think you should consider dropping the number of public holidays currently gazetted in Australia. Just consider last week. Some 'workers' corrupt unionists most of them, had two days off because of Easter Monday and Anzac Day. Of course, you would realise as a former journalist (and one of the giants of your generation, may I say) that journalists work most public holidays and do so without complaint. However, if Australia is to keep abreast with an ever-changing world, we simply have to spend more time in the workplace.

Of course Anzac Day must stay. Good Friday - fair enough, but do we need Easter Monday off as well? Boxing Day is sacrosanct for it is required for the cricket test, so that can be saved from the axe.

I'm an ardent monarchist as I know you are, however, I'm sure we could do without the Queen's Birthday long weekend in June. It isn't even her majesty's birthday that particular weekend. Just to make it worse, republicans get it off as well. The Labour Day weekend in October must also be scratched. Labour Day! What are these lefties and greenies thinking?

Think of the savings for the economy by doing away with the majority of public holidays. Employers - the very life blood of our way of life - wouldn't have to pay penalty rates (although, in your wisdom, you'll do away with penalty rates in your next term).

Of course the rabid and communist infiltrated unions will scream, but they are of little consequence these days, and will be even more irrelevant when the findings of your much anticipated Royal Commission are handed down.

Mr Prime Minister, while I agree with you on most things, I'm afraid Australia Day isn't one of them. We don't need a holiday for Australia Day, particularly coming as soon as it does after Christmas. We should perhaps find a new national day - and may I suggest it always fall on a weekend.

That's another thing. Why, if a public holiday happens to be on a Saturday or Sunday, does the Monday automatically become a day off? This is more loss of productivity for no real gain.

So in closing can I just say Mr Prime Minister, you have done a superb job in stopping the boats. Now stop the public holidays.

And please say a respectful hello to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with baby George for me.

God Save The Queen

Yours in Responsible Governance

MB McDonald

Struggle Street



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