Shark close call at Crowdy Head mullet run

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A SHARK swam at the legs of two surfers at Crowdy Head on Friday in the midst of frantic fishing activity caused by a recent mullet run.

The young eyes of 10-year-old James Hardyman of Pampoolah spotted the shark in the water and he alerted his mum, Katie Hardyman to the presence of the large shark in the shallow water.

"I laughed when James said, mum there's a shark! thinking it was probably only seaweed. But there was something in his voice and he was right, it was a shark about two-and-a-half metres long and it was near two surfers who had no idea it was there," Katie explained.

"I was whistling and three other guys were all yelling to try to alert them and then we watched the shark turn and go for them. One of the guys in the water saw it and had to kick it away.

"Someone ran to activate the shark alarm at the clubhouse but apparently there had been a blackout and it didn't work!

"Lifeguards were at the beach but they were all up the other end watching the mullet run. The two surfers were very lucky."

Katie said the two men came from Sydney and were an adult son and his father.

"I don't think they'll be swimming again anytime soon!"

Katie and her family were at the beach very early on Friday (April 25) as word had spread that the mullet were running.

Fishermen with tractors and large nets were at the beach waiting to capture the fish when they entered the bay and Katie's 15-year-old daughter, Lucy was waiting to capture the event in photographs and video.

The Manning River Times is delighted to showcase her work.


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