Boating fraternity urged to comment

TRANSPORT for NSW is currently seeking the community feedback on boating safety, access and storage in the Manning.

With the Better Boating Program grant scheme ceasing in June 2014, Transport for NSW is developing regional boating plans which will outline the future boating needs for each region.

Greater Taree City Council's senior leader strategic planning, Richard Pamplin said the Better Boating Program had provided some excellent boating facilities in the Manning Valley over the last five years. "We were fortunate to have pontoons installed along the foreshore and improvements made to our local boat ramps, such as Harrington and Wingham."

A new funding program commences in July of this year, which will again be looking toward improving boating facilities across NSW. To establish this new funding program, Transport for NSW has engaged GHD to develop regional boating plans.

As part of this process they are conducting a survey on boating needs, available at

"We were surprised to find that of the 800 surveys completed to date, only 17 people from our local area had filled out the survey," said Mr Pamplin.

"This is a very low response given we have a very strong boating community. We would like to encourage boat users to go on-line and fill out the survey to inform GHD what our local needs are."

"In addition to the survey we will be providing GHD with a copy of Council's Manning Valley Boating Infrastructure Plan 2012, which outlines all of the available facilities and the priority works that are required to improve the facilities.

"It is important that Transport for NSW have a clear understanding of our boating needs in the regional boating plan, so that funding can be provided to make the necessary improvements for our area," he concluded.

The survey closes on Sunday April 6.