Bollards: Council has 'duty of care'

GREATER Taree City Council's executive leader of service delivery Ron Posselt has told the Times bollards are essential to the separation of all pathway users (walkers, joggers, cyclists etc) and vehicles.

The bollards were placed outside the Taree Aquatic Club (Sailo's) as part of the Taree Foreshore Upgrade project.

"The pathway provides a safe and easy to use riverfront amenity for both able and disabled residents and visitors alike," said Mr Posselt.

"Council has a duty of care to maintain safety for all users, and the bollards can only be removed when the area is being supervised. Council met with Sailo's representatives on many occasions during the project and Sailo's were invited to put their objections in writing.

"While objections were received from the club, council considered that for reasons of safety and duty of care, the bollards were to be retained and arrangements for accessing the club's western boat landing area have been implemented.

"Council has continued to meet with Sailo's and is always open to discuss issues.

"In coming weeks there will be signage and treatment to the pathway that will improve the management of path users, club users and vehicles entering the car park.

"The club has the opportunity to manage the car park to allow for a flat drop off area.

"The option to place the pathway on the river side of the club was cost prohibitive.

"The area immediately outside the club has always been a public footpath adjoining the road.

"The location of the club, the path and the road require sensible adjustments to be made so the whole area is safe and the design of the path, the bollards and the treatments are designed to achieve that."