Archer to explore all avenues

SUSPENDED referee Wayne Archer will now see what avenues are open to him as he attempts to fight a lengthy suspension handed out by the Group Three Referees' Association.

"I'm not 100 percent sure what will happen next,'' he said.

However, Archer confirmed that he will be lost to the refereeing ranks if the suspension is not overturned or reduced. He won't be refereeing after the June 30 deadline.

"No, that'll be it,'' he said.

Archer has been refereeing for about five years. In that time he's controlled a Group Three first grade grand final while he was a touch judge for last season's decider. He is also a past president of the referees' association.

"I thought I did a pretty good job for the association and helped build the numbers up,'' he said.

A former first grade player and premiership winning coach, Archer started refereeing when working nights made it impossible for him to stay involved with other aspects of the game. He's enjoyed the challenge.

"All I want to do is referee,'' he said.

Archer believes the suspension follows comments he made on the phone after last season's grand final regarding the preformance of first grade referee Zac Schembri. He thought the comments were made privately, however, he stands by them.

Archer said claims by referees' association secretary Ken Fuller that there have been on-going issues stretching back 12-18 months are a 'cover story.'

He now works out of the area and did not attend this week's meeting.

The Group Three pre-season will kick off on March 29.