14.2mm on our wettest day

TAREE recorded its wettest day this year on Monday when 14.2mm of rain was recorded in the 24 hour period to 9am.

An electrical storm hit Taree's CBD on Wednesday afternoon but officially only 7mm of rain was recorded. Hallidays Point appears to have top-scored with 36mm in the 24 hours up to 9am yesterday and 25mm fell on parts of Tinonee.

Showers are predicted over the next few days but only between 1-5mm.


Friday, February 14: 10.2mm

Saturday, February 15: 4.6mm

Sunday, February 16: 4mm

Monday, February 17: 14.2mm

Tuesday, February 18: 1mm

Wednesday, February 19: 0

Thursday, February 20: 7mm

WATER restrictions are still in place across the Manning and Great Lakes.

MidCoast Water has set a target of 22 million litres of water used a day and last weekend, with cool days and showers of rain across the district, this target was met.

Level three water restrictions apply and sprinklers and fixed hoses are banned at all times. Hand-held hoses can be used for up to one hour every second day outside the hours of 10am and 4pm. See MidCoast Water's website for full details of the restrictions.

Water consumption

Friday, February 14: 26 million litres

Saturday, February 15: 18.9 million litres

Sunday, February 16: 17.7 million litres

Monday, February 17: 20.5 million litres

Tuesday, February 18: 19.4 million litres

Wednesday, February 19: 22.5 million litres