Alliance wins parliamentary stage

The March meeting at Wingham Town Hall called to protest TransGrid’s Stroud to Lansdowne project.
The March meeting at Wingham Town Hall called to protest TransGrid’s Stroud to Lansdowne project.

The Manning Alliance has reached agreement to stage a presentation in the NSW parliament on the impact of electricity prices on regional communities.

The presentation will have specific emphasis on the construction of unnecessary infrastructure – such as TransGrid’s Stroud to Lansdowne high voltage transmission line project – which the Alliance maintains is leading to massive electricity price rises across NSW.

The event titled the ‘Power Prices Forum’ will be conducted for, and open to, all NSW parliamentarians, in the Jubilee Room of the NSW Parliament next week between noon and 2.30 pm.

Manning Alliance chairman, Peter Epov, announcing the forum yesterday, said “We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to make this presentation in the NSW Parliament.

“Hopefully we will be able to highlight and focus on the need for greater scrutiny over the entire electricity industry and particularly its insatiable hunger to build unnecessary infrastructure, which is causing such pain throughout the community by way of escalating electricity prices.

“The situation is only going to exacerbate, electricity prices will continue to climb higher and this will cause significant harm to regional economies.”

Mr Epov said the Alliance is determined to highlight to parliament what he called “the single worst example of gold plating and unnecessary infrastructure in NSW”, being the Stroud to Lansdowne High transmission line project.

“We intend to expose just how unnecessary this project really is and we shall use facts and statistics that are either published by TransGrid, IPART, the AEMO and other recognised industry authorities to do this.”

He thanked and praised the efforts of NSW Greens MLC, John Kaye for his role in winning approval to stage the forum. “Dr Kaye has been consistent in his support and has been speaking out on this issue in Parliament.