Another catch in annual tagged fish roundup

Kelvin Edwards caught the third tagged fish worth $560.
Kelvin Edwards caught the third tagged fish worth $560.

KELVIN Edwards, a local angler and resident of Harrington Waters, has claimed the third tagged fish with a prize value worth $560, with tag number M004838.

The fish was caught along the shore near Harrigans Irish Tavern, a short stroll from where Kelvin lives and fishes regularly when the wind is not blowing.

The fish was sponsored in the $10,000 Lower Manning Tagged Fish Round-up by the Oxley Anchorage Caravan Park in Beach Street, Harrington.

Manager Gary Brown said it was great to see this type of event supported by local businesses and rang Kelvin to congratulate him.

Many families stay at the park who come to fish and Gary said he is on the receiving end of fish stories all the time. Twenty-three fish tagged for the annual round-up remain swimming freely in the Manning and up to Coopernook, where some were released in the Lansdowne River.

Bob Smith BM, Lower Manning tagged fish round-up co-ordinator, said he was surprised that more fish haven't been caught with the amount of people and families fishing in the new year and Australia Day weekend.

There has been plenty of flathead caught so maybe someone has missed seeing the tag, he said.

Today (January 31) is the last day to claim a tagged fish at the Harrington Hotel in the $10,000 fish roundup, but it will be on again next year as a special attraction and part of the Harrington festivities run by the Harrington and Crowdy Head Chamber of Commerce.