Wet a Line: Flathead on the bite

FLATHEAD are really on the bite in the Manning.

Fish to 2kgs have been landed on plastics and bait. All areas of the lower part of the river up to Jones Island have produced fish.

Apart from the flathead catches have been poor with only occasional other species being landed.

The same story goes for the beaches despite there being some beautiful water to hide fish.

Shovel nosed sharks and small rays are the only things biting.

There are no birds working and are no signs of bait fish in the gutters.

Outside anglers are scoring much better with good catches coming in now the water temperature is up to 24 degrees.

Snapper, trag and pearl perch make up most of the catches. With a full moon falling next Thursday it is strange that there is not much more activity on the beaches and in the river.

We shall have to wait until some bait fish turn up in our area.