Bridge is crumbling

THE underbelly of Dyers Crossing Bridge is a frightening place to be, according to Marion Thomas.

She has scrambled up the bank of Firefly Creek a few times in recent weeks to show people physical evidence of the threat presented by the deteriorating support structures.

"It's crumbling. It's full of borers and white ants. The main uprights are a danger and have deteriorated to a state that I really fear it will just crack and crumble under the weight of a car," Marion explained.

Marion is the secretary of the Wallanbah Road Action Group and she is backing Greater Taree City Council's push to fight the federal government decision to withdraw funding of the Greater Taree Roads and Bridges Funding Package.

The underbelly of the bridge is unseen by most people but Marion has been watching and documenting its deterioration since 2011.

The Wallanbah Road Action Group formed in 2011 to champion the need for a new Dyers Crossing Bridge, and improvements to the Wallanbah and Avalon roads.

"We were ecstatic when we learnt that council had secured funding to fix the bridge. We are devastated that it has been withdrawn,'' she said.

Marion says a walk on the bridge reveals "the rails will wobble about a foot either side of centre".

"The bridge moves when you drive on it. You feel like you could be making your last trip. It's frightening, it makes me nauseous and it's ridiculous that we have to ensure this dangerous situation."


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