New year for photographers

CLUB Taree Photographic Club met on November 19, the first meeting for the club’s new year.

The new club president is Frank Moulds and the club wishes Frank well for the coming year.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, January 21 due to holidays.

Generally the club meets on the first and third Monday of each month at 7pm at Club Taree on Wingham Road.

New members are always welcome, regardless of age, which is no barrier.

The subject for this month’s competition was ‘indoor without a flash’ and this was judged by Keith Davies from the Forster Digital Club.

In total, 132 entries were submitted into this competition and the results are as follows:

Print of the month was won by Laureen Mitchell for her photo titled ‘Eat the Big Mac’.

Large colour open Group A: merit, Judith Conning ‘Mittens and Buffe at Sunset’, Judith Conning ‘Emerald Mountains’,  Judith Conning ‘The Easier Path’; credit, Katherine Styles ‘Enjoying the Water’, Max Stewart ‘Bum Shot’; highly commended, Ian Herford ‘Lockit’.

Group B: credit, Jolene Minett ‘I think I can reach it’, Heidi Ruming ‘Are you looking at me’; highly commended, Cortney Lawrenson ‘Yesterday’, Cortney Lawrenson ‘Forgotten Bottle’, Heidi Leask ‘Look at me’ 

Large colour set subject  Group A: merit, Katherine Styles ‘An angel by the window’; credit, David Vane ‘Golden Arches’, Ian Herford ‘Spiral Stairs’.

Group B: merit, Donna Brett ‘In the Green Room’, Heidi Leask ‘Sibling Love’; credit, Barbara Fogarty ‘St Stevens Vienna’; highly commended, Donna Brett ‘Kute Kyla’.

Small colour open Group B: credit, Shirley Crisp ‘Country Lane in Winter’, Julie Goldsmith ‘A whale of a time’.

Small colour set subject  Group B: highly commended, Julie Goldsmith ‘The Winning Shot’.

Monochrome open  Group A: credit, Ian Cran ‘ABC Range’; highly commended, Helen Berrell ‘Ready and Waiting’, Judith Conning ‘Pathway to Heaven’, Judy Lawrenson ‘Bearded Dragon’.

Group B: merit, Cortney Lawrenson ‘Meerkat’; credit, Shirley Minnett ‘Hanging by a Thread’; highly commended, Rosalie Minett ‘Just Chloe’, Cortney Lawrenson ‘Judgement’, Heidi Leask ‘Eastern Water Dragon’, Heidi Ruming ‘Boys Best Friend’, Heidi Leask ‘Leo’.

Monochrome set subject Group A: credit, Katherine Styles ‘Faces by Torch Light’, Ian Herford ‘Lights’.

Group B: merit, Frank Moulds ‘Daughter’; credit, Sue Dollin ‘Coffee Fix’; highly commended, Barbara Fogarty ‘Model’s Posed Act’, Barbara Fogarty ‘Up the Stairwell’.

Print of the month: "Eat the Big Mac" by Laureen Mitchell.

Print of the month: "Eat the Big Mac" by Laureen Mitchell.