FISE World Series | Brodie Ritter flying high with the best BMX riders in the world

BRODIE Ritter is fresh from qualifying with the fastest time for his final at the Denver round of the FISE World Series.  

He finished 7th in the final - an incredible effort for this 18-year-old from Taree competing against riders from across the world with access to the best equipment and training facilities money can buy.

After Denver he travelled to Canada where he is currently competing in the next round of the series which attracts huge crowds and media attention.  

Brodie’s mother Lisa Emerton helped scrape together the funds needed for her son and his 17-year-old girlfriend Brianna from Gloucester to make the trip by running a raffle.

It was a big moment for the young couple – their first trip overseas, off to mix it with the best in the world.

“I said to him ‘you’re going to kill it’ but he said: ‘Mum, I’m not as good as you think I am’.”

She is certain he will achieve his goal of turning professional.  In addition to the international competition and huge spectacle that is the FISE World Series, it’s about giving young riders the opportunity to be noticed by potential sponsors.

“I always knew he would be good….I’m a psychic medium after all,” she laughed.

He grew up racing on the BMX track in Taree but this was too boring, Lisa explained.

“He started racing when he was four but he wanted to go high, he wanted the adrenaline.”

Best of FISE World Denver 2016

The ramps at the FISE World Series are taking him higher than he’s ever been – another fact that makes his success in Denver so extraordinary.

“He’s going twice as high as he’s ever been able to at the Taree skatepark – he’s going like 20 feet in the air.”

Lisa isn’t worried about him though.

“He knows how to tuck and roll and he’s very strong.”

Be watching our website for an update on his performance in Canada.

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