Arnotts snack backtrack: Pizza Shapes return to the menu

Biscuit maker Arnotts has brought back Original Pizza flavour Shapes - insisting it's not a publicity stunt to cash in on the backlash against the old recipe's shelving earlier this year.

In April, Arnotts overhauled its line of 'Shapes' snack biscuits with new recipes aimed at improving the products' health star rating.

Old favourites like Original BBQ, Chicken Crimpy and Savoury were left untouched but the original recipe for Pizza Shapes was pushed aside for a new version - which was swiftly condemned by consumers.

The company's Facebook page was swamped with complaints with one commenter saying "I think Arnotts misunderstood when we were asking for more flavour, we meant more of the same flavour, we didn't ask for a change in the flavour...Big mistake....Big!"

Some desperate customers were hunting online for original flavour Pizza Shapes and paying up to $50 a box.

One eBay user listed a box of pizza-flavoured Arnott's Shapes for $49.95, more than ten times the normal price.

But even that wasn't enough to satisfy people's hunger - the effort to bring back the old pizza flavour eventually spawned a petition on with nearly 30,000 signatures.

It seems Arnotts heard the clamour and announced on its Facebook page that Original Pizza Shapes are returning, with a black strip on the box to tell them apart from the new flavour, which will continue to be sold alongside it.

"There's no denying that some people were not happy with the new flavours. We know everyone has a favourite, whether it be new or old. We made the decision to bring back Original Pizza as we received the greatest amount of feedback requesting its return," Arnotts said.

Shapes fans are now pushing for the company to return the original recipes of other flavours like Cheddar and Cheese and Bacon. But they may have to wait a while.

"At this stage, there are no plans to bring back the other flavours, but rest assured we're still monitoring both sales and feedback on these very closely," Arnotts said.

This is not the first time a food company making a favourite snack staple has copped flak for changing things up.

Kraft tried to freshen Vegemite up for modern tastes with its line of iSnack 2.0 products in 2009, which were roundly condemned as an 'epic fail.'

Further back, Coca-Cola famously enraged its customers in 1985 by by ditching its classic recipe and bringing in New Coke, causing sales to plummet until the original recipe was returned to be sold alongside the new product.

Away from food, Glad Wrap famously cow-tailed to social media pressure over it redesigned its packaging - to the anger of thousands of customers.

The story Arnotts snack backtrack: Pizza Shapes return to the menu first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.

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