Could Catherine be pregnant?

Less than 24 hours into her tour of Asia and the South Pacific and The Duchess of Cambridge finds herself in the firing line of that oldest of commoners' sports: spot the royal pregnancy.

Both of Kate's dress choices have erred on the less figure-fitting side since arriving in Asia - a pale pink Jenny Packham number and a patterned, rather daring purple frock by Singapore-born Prabal Gurung both had a bit of give around the stomach area, giving onlookers just enough leeway to start wondering whether a baby may be on the way.

Combine her wardrobe choices with the fact that she drank water at the state dinner hosted by Singapore's President Tony Tan and the rumour mill has all the fodder it needs to go into overdrive.

The relatively loose fitting dresses may, of course, be down to the intense humidity and heat in the equatorial city - which, along with the packed travel schedule, may also explain the water. Yes, even fairytale brides need to rehydrate.

Royal trips seem to come with an in-built baby rumour device for Kate, who last year found herself at the centre of fevered speculations fuelled by the moment - shock horror - that she (not unsurprisingly) turned down the offer to taste a smidgen of peanut butter in Denmark.

Nor is this is the first pregnancy rumour that has reared its head this week.

Huffington Post reports that Star magazine breathlessly makes the claim in its 17 September issue that the 30-year-old is expecting, thanks to the giveaway evidence on a nude lace dress, worn to a July function at Buckingham palace.

Its argument? The dress's sash had apparently been taken out by one inch. Which, entirely logically, can only mean one thing.

The watertight credibility on top? "Palace sources" have confirmed the happy news.

We won't hold our breath, given that Star made the very same claim – vouching Kate was expecting twins – last year, and that In Touch magazine followed suit last November.

With Malaysia, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu yet to come, it's going to be a long tour for the ever-watched Kate - whether or not she does have a royal bun in the oven.

The story Could Catherine be pregnant? first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.

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