Old Bar aviation accident results in council review and reform

THE 2011 Old Bar Beach Festival aviation accident triggered a review of Greater Taree City Council's event application and sponsorship process.

Further to The Manning River Times article on the report of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) on April 17 council has provided further comment from general manager, Gerard Jose.

"We encourage and support the community in presenting local events," Mr Jose said.

"Each year council approves over 50 events which are staged mostly by community organisations and volunteers. Since the event in 2011 at Old Bar, council has completely revamped the event application and sponsorship process and now requires a detailed application form to be lodged prior to approval being granted," Mr Jose explained.

"We worked closely with the Australia Transport Safety Bureau throughout their investigation and the report reflects this and the changes we have introduced.

"Additionally, we now seek our insurer's comment in relation to risk assessments undertaken by community organisations. Given the feedback from the community about the challenges experienced in completing risk assessments we are also planning to stage free training for event organisers later this year."

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