Roads petition for our future

THE "Target: 10,000" campaign for better and safer roads and bridges is our future, says Greater Taree City councillor, Peter Epov.

"The campaign is not about politics, it's not about who is right or wrong, it's not about the council, or (federal MP) David Gillespie. It's about securing better and safer roads and bridges for our children and our families, this is our priority.

"This is the people's campaign for fairness and equity."

The campaign is being led by deputy mayor Robyn Jenkins and councillors Peter Epov and Brad Christiansen. They are endeavouring to get 10,000 signatures to their petition in 21 days.

"Isn't it only reasonable that people in rural Australia should be able to expect, and receive, similar safe driving conditions to those of our city cousins?" Cr Epov said.

"Surely we deserve to be treated on the basis of equality.

"All too often, people in the bush have had to tough it out. We endure droughts, floods, fires and storms but we don't complain.

"For generations we have made many sacrifices to feed the people of the cities, but in return we have been very badly taken for granted and ignored.

"In my travels around our local government area collecting petition signatures, I have been so overwhelmed by the women and particularly the mothers of small children who have rushed over to sign our petition, and I have been deeply touched and humbled by their genuine expressions of gratitude, after they have signed the petition.

"They are seriously concerned at the state of our decaying infrastructure.

"In this local government area, we have had decades of underfunded infrastructure, now valued at over $300 million dollars, such a situation does not occur overnight!"

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