Adam's South African quest

ADAM Stevenson is charismatic and driven.

He devotes countless hours to his business and his community, and is now taking his passion for helping people and 'having a go' to one of the poorest, most vulnerable places on earth.

In about a month he will board a plane bound for South Africa, where he will join with Humanitarian Projects Internat ional to help rebuild a day care centre for AIDS orphans, in the remote village of Baiketlile, Tzaneen.

The Baiketlile Day Care Centre is run by a young woman, Natalia, who lost both her parents and her brother to the aids virus, and was forced to care for her two younger sisters, while still a child herself.

Natalia now manages the centre, caring for more than 45 helpless children who have lost both their parents, mostly to Aids, some to abandonment.

The centre currently has running water only two days a week and the site has been structurally condemned. There is just one double bed mattress on the floor for the children to sleep on, six plastic chairs to sit on and next to no educational resources.

The work of Natalia and the plight of the centre was first brought to Adam's attention in November last year when Mike and Linda Norris, who are HPI representatives, told the story at a meeting of the Old Bar Business Chamber, of which Adam is a member.

"I've always wanted to do something like this," explained Adam.

"It's going to be a really humbling experience and I think it's going to affect me even more now that I'm a father."

Adam's supportive wife, Lauren gave him the push he needed to join the project and for the last few months he has been raising money to ensure the underprivileged children get the resources they deserve.

"It's the basic necessities that we take for granted in Australia, that these poor children have never had," he said.

Adam will pay his own way for the trip and is then required to raise a further $3000 to go towards building materials and other resources.

He admitted that HPI appealed to him as an organisation because their work is ongoing in the Tzaneen region and other parts of South Africa.

"They choose achievable projects to focus on one at a time and any money that is left over from a project is then transferred onto the next," Adam explained.

Anyone who would like to donate to the Baiketlile Day Care Centre project and support Adam in his efforts, can contact Adam directly at LJ Hooker, Old Bar, or by directly depositing into the account below, using Stevenson-Fundraising as a reference.

Bank: CBA

Name: Humanitarian Projects International Inc.

BSB: 064-406

Account #: 10611473

Humanitarian Projects Intern at ion al Inc. is a registered charity and is comprised totally of volunteers. Its administration costs are met by two special fundraising events every year for that purpose and all money raised for a particular project goes directly to that project.

Adam is also hoping to hold a silent auction online, in the next couple of weeks, with local businesses welcome to donate goods for the event.

"The beauty of this is I can keep fundraising even after I return," he said.

"It's going to be a once in a lifetime experience and something that I know will stay with me for a very long time."

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