Dr Harry's aim to help orangutans

DR Harry Cooper gave a delightful and insightful address to the Rotary Club of Taree recently.

Dr Harry outlined his early career as a vet which started in Taree and his many interests and passions in the animal world.

On his latest trip to Burma Dr Harry studied orangutans. He mentioned the plight of the orangutan due to their ever decreasing natural habitat.

Indonesia and other countries clear natural rainforests, the home of the orangutan, to plant palm oil trees. Palm oil is an ingredient in many food products.

In Australia it is not mandatory to list palm oil as an ingredient and the wording vegetable oil is used. So consumers do not know they are supporting the rampant clearing of rainforests and the consequent impact on wildlife.

Dr Harry said the plight of the orangutan is desperate as his documentary will show.

A wonderful website in support of saving the orangutan is www.orangutan.org.au

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