Leagues to meet

GROUP Three Rugby League secretary Barrie Smith admits he has 'no idea' what will eventuate from a meeting to be held tonight between Group Three, the Hastings League and Camden Haven and Harrington clubs at the Coopernook Hotel.

The Country Rugby League has convened the meeting and it will be chaired by regional manager, Kevin Hill. It is believed Mr Hill will represent the Country Rugby League.

Mr Smith and president Wayne Bridge will attend from Group Three.

Mr Smith understands there is speculation that Camden Haven and Harrington may merge to enter a side in the Group Three competition next year, however, this has not been confirmed. The two clubs did have a brief liaison during the early 2000s.

Group Three has sought clarification from the CRL over Harrington's acceptance into the Hastings League for next year. Earlier, Group Three clubs vetoed the club's application on advice Mr Bridge received from CRL chief executive, Terry Quinn. The Times attempted to contacted Mr Quinn on the matter last week, but he was unavailable.

Mr Quinn told Mr Bridge that Harrington would need a clearance from Group Three as the club is within the group's boundaries. However, Group Three has yet to have any correspondence from the club. Hastings League clubs voted to admit Harrington into their competition next year at the league's annual meeting.

Camden Haven's bid to play in Group Three was also thwarted at the group's annual meeting. However, the club has since met, and elected a new committee under president Michael Moore who was due last week to appeal the decision to the Country Rugby League. Camden Haven fielded reserve grade, under 18 and women's league tag sides last year. There's been no rugby league club in Harrington for more than a decade. Harrington played in the Hastings League until 1976 when the club, then known as Lower Manning, became a foundation member of the Group Three Saturday League.

Harrington has played in the Lower North Coast Rugby Union competition for the past five years.

"We'll go along there on Wednesday night and see what eventuates,'' Mr Smith said.

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