Light up the valley

CHRISTMAS means lights for Rodney Cribbin and a deadline of December 1.

That's when he first flicked the switches to release power to more than 25,000 lights that dress his home at 19 Bushland Drive in Taree.

Hundreds of hours were invested into the task of transforming the two-storey home into a lighting spectacle that has delighted locals for the last 11 days. It is a labour borne from his love of Christmas and a desire to raise funds for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

This is the seventh year that Rodney has worked his Christmas lights magic to raise funds for the service, but it is the first year he has dressed his new home in Bushland Drive, across the road from Bushland Place Nursing Home.

A large helicopter and a money spinner sit at the front of his home and he hopes the community will choose to visit and to donate and help him to achieve a fundraising goal of $5000.

He says he doesn't care about the electricity bill and has taken to social media to raise community awareness and support of his fundraising campaign.

Local support for his initiative is widespread and prompted Facebook comments from:

Jacque Pearce: "That is awesome ... well done for doing all this for charity ... come to think of it, you are saving the nursing home money, as none of the residents will need nightlights for a month!"

Swan Parrish: "Yes it would be a huge bill, but I think what he is doing is great.

"It brings awareness to the cause for the rescue chopper that saves many lives plus it brings enjoyment to him and many people and families."

Laura Scott: "I always bring my kids around you do a FANTASTIC JOB!!!!!"

The lights are switched on Monday to Thursday from 8pm to 10.30pm; Friday and Saturday 8pm to midnight and Sunday 8pm to 10pm. They will be displayed until New Year's Day.

"Without your support we would not have the rescue service. Hope to see you all here this Christmas!" Rodney added.

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