Gloucester community thanks strike force

GLOUCESTER mayor Geoff Slack has paid tribute to the work of the police involved in Strike Force Durkin and their success in capturing the State's most wanted man Malcolm Naden near Gloucester last Thursday morning.

Cr Slack said he had been fielding media enquiries about the successful end to the large-scale manhunt that has been based in Gloucester since January, since the early hours of that morning.

He said the police had been unobtrusive and had been extremely professional and worked well with the local community while they have been based in Gloucester.

Cr Slack said the officers involved in the arrest of Naden needed to be thanked and congratulated in apprehending the State's most wanted man.

"I'd like to thank the police for the work they've done in apprehending him, without anyone being injured," he said.

Cr Slack said residents across the shire, particularly those living in the more remote areas who have been subjected to break-ins in recent months would be particularly relieved after hearing of Naden's arrest.